Tax Services

We handle it all—income, payroll, sales or any other type of tax—and help you with tax planning and estimates in our reporting, to help you save money.

We help clients at every stage of the business cycle

Whether you’re just getting started up, in a period of expansion and growth, in transition or heading into retirement, we can help you make smart decisions that put – and keep – your business on strong financial footing.

We’ll work with you every step of the way, meeting multiple times per year to make sure you’re on track and help you troubleshoot any financial issues that may arise.

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We represent you in all correspondence with CRA

We can help negotiate a tax settlement that puts you back on stable ground with the CRA and allows you to get back to focusing on what’s really important, running your business.

Our Process

  • 1
    Get your books up-to-date

    Your books need to be in good shape before filing. If not, we can help clean it up!

  • 2
    Give us all the documents

    We will require certain documents to ensure we can successfully complete your tax prep. You will be connected to a Tax Expert who will help you get your return done.

  • 3
    Leave the rest to us

    Once you get an “all clear” from us, you’re good to go! We will file your taxes and pull funds directly from your account and pay any applicable taxes so you can go back to running your business.

Let’s get your taxes filed for you

Personal Filing

starting at $150 annual filing For filing personal returns and Schedule C.

Business Filing

starting at $1899 per annual filing For filing partnership, S-Corp and C-Corp returns.

Business/Personal Filing

starting at $2000 per annual filing For Schedule C, personal, and business returns.

We do all sorts of planning for businesses and individuals

  • Strategic business tax planning
  • Business tax preparation
  • Tax returns for individuals
  • Estate tax returns
  • Non-profit tax preparation services
  • Alternative minimum tax planning

Let us manage and reduce your tax burden today

Let us deal with all your business finances
While you focus on your business

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